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Yep, that’s my story. In the early 90’s I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, medicated up to my eyeballs and living off a Disability Support Pension. And I thought that was ‘it’. That that was going to be my life forever.

Today, I’m a CEO. And doing well. No meds, no therapy, no panic attacks. And thriving. Zip. Nada. Do you think I may have learnt something through my journey? you are right.

“I’m the guy that has not only been in a hole, but knows the way out”

So, how does that work? how do you go from having Bipolar Disorder to CEO?

Well, here’s the secret: with great difficulty, if you have no guidance. But I tell you what, I learnt shitloads about what it takes to build my personal power, resilience and, eventually, emotional mastery.

So, I guess, if I had to sum up ‘me’ in one sentence, it would be

Pedro Diaz

“I’m the guy that doesn’t pussy foot around.”


What I’m about to say may sound a bit ‘rainbows & unicorns’, but it’s not, I promise. Just hear me out…

“I want everyone to be happy & healthy and I know they can be.”

That’s it. That’s my vision.

I don’t mean Mary-Poppins-happy, BTW, I mean a nice, balanced, sustainable sense of wellbeing that can handle life’s usual ups and downs. It’s probably more accurate to describe it as the absence of unhappy and unhealthy.

It may seem like a big ask, but it’s more doable than people think. Here’s why:

Research over the last century shows that 57% of people with severe mental illness recover. Even more when only mild to moderate problems and once recovered, their productivity increases thanks to better resilience & the strategies they’ve learned.

But there’s more to my belief than statistics.

14 years ago I, myself, overcame a decade-long battle with bipolar disorder. It wasn’t easy, but I’m now happy and healthy. And there’s no daily struggle to stay that way. So I know, first-hand, that permanent recovery is possible.

This experience led me to a career in mental health, where I see people recover, just as I did, every day.

With Workplace Mental Health Institute I help businesses identify, respond to and prevent mental illness. We focus on recovery not illness. This may seem a subtle distinction, but it’s a vital one. We don’t teach people to look for problems that aren’t there; we teach them to confidently identify & deal with the warning signs of mental illness so their teammates can get help and recover.

And they recover. Far more than 57%. With better treatments, I’d say that it’s well over 70%

“So to me, good mental health is within everyone’s reach. But you need the right support”

If you’re responsible for the mental health of your staff, and want help, please hit me up. We can help you meet your compliance obligations by identifying, responding to & preventing mental health issues in your teams

Even better, we’ll help you foster a happy, high-performing culture and reduce risk.