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Pedro Diaz, a highly regarded expert and employee over-delivery authority on workplace mental health, is a powerful, passionate and professional speaker in Australia who tells it like it is.

His passion and experience in mental health, has shaped him into who he is today, an entertaining and inspiring leader in mental health, driven by a passion for self transformation, personal empowerment and resilience. His thought-provoking ideas and powerful delivery, will make your Keynote events memorable and entertaining.

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“Woah! Friday was brilliant and everyone absolutely LOVED Pedro!!!! What a dynamic and interesting presenter! “

Danielle Dal Cortivo, CEO, Asthma Foundation ACT

“Another quick note to say thank you for an amazing presentation, our master class was all the better for having you join us. “

Margaret Balsille, Human Resources, Jobs Australia

“Pedro was very good! Funny! Please let me know when he starts a TV series. I’d watch it! Best way to learn!”

Ciska, Momentum Wealth


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Take Control Of Workplace Mental Health

This year, with 1 in 5 people already experiencing mental health problems severe enough that they could get diagnosed, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ we have people with mental health problems working for us but ‘who’ and ‘how’ are they impacting our results.

This presentation speaks to managers and gives them some tips on how to identify people with MH problems, what not to do, and how they can take control and take people to psychological safety in their teams.

The Road to Recovery

There are plenty of people out there speaking about their journey with mental illness, giving insight into the challenges of depression or psychosis, or other experiences of mental distress. And Pedro can speak to that, for sure.

But there are very few (none) talking about Recovery, let alone, who have fully recovered themselves. And that is an important message. People need to hear that Recovery is not only possible, its probable. AND, about the things that are needed to get there.

In this keynote, Pedro shares his personal journey, as well as what the evidence says about Recovery.

Good Bosses Creating Toxic Cultures

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Similarly, workplaces employ good managers that mean well, but haven’t got the skills to protect the mental health of their teams, sometimes from themselves!

In this presentation, based on his latest book, Pedro shows business leaders what are some common, and not so common, triggers of poor mental health (note: some of these are already embedded in the workplace), and what can we do to stop them asap. 

The 7 Pillars of Mentally Wealthy Workplace

The 7 Pillars of a Mentally Wealthy workplace answers the question “what does a mentally healthy workplace look like?

A ‘Mentally Wealthy’ workplace, is the term Pedro coined to describe the link between Mental Health and the Business outcomes of an organisation. In this keynote, Pedro takes us through the 7 Pillars of a Mentally Wealthy Workplace, and how they can be applied at the individual level and at the organisational level to achieve better outcomes all round.

Reclaim Your Power

Based on his book ‘Reclaim Your Power’, in this humorous and personal keynote, Pedro speaks about the strategies that are useful for all people, mental illness or not, to let go of the baggage and build their own personal power, including through adversity.

This topic is specially dear to Pedro because, as he says, ‘there can be no good mental health without a good dose of personal power.’

He also asks the pertinent question, ‘Who’s driving the bus?’, opening the topic for reflection. Who’s driving your mind? Who’s driving your team? Who’s driving results? A leader without clear direction is a leader that either allows or creates a toxic culture.

Another quick note to say thank you for an amazing presentation, our master class was all the better for having you join us.
Margaret Balsillie, HR - Jobs Australia


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